Rich 3D Immersive
Product Experience for Jewelery.

Sell more by giving your customers an
immersive and amazing product

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Why iJewel?

iJewel renders high quality gemstones in real time on all the major browsers on desktop and mobile.

3D View

Present your jewelery in its original
elegant luminousity.

Jewelry images need to convey the quality and shine that makes each piece worth its price tag. iJewel 3D Viewer brings every carat to life, brilliantly.

3D Configuration

Let customers create their own customized jewelery piece

Whether it’s a multi-strand necklace, stackable rings or a diamond studded bracelet, a 3D configurator gives customers the ability to personalize to perfection.

Product Visualization in AR

Extend visualization reach through Augmented Reality

Move beyond images and videos - embed your product on your website or bring it to life in Augmented Reality.

iJewel features

All the features that make iJewel Jewelry visualization special

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All major browsers

iJewel works on all types of browsers.

Performance Logo

iJewel is optimised for performance on mobile devices

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Simple SDK

Easily integrates in your custom App

Multiple Stone Shapes

Multiple gemstone shapes, directly imported from your favourite 3d format.

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Case studies

Our clients describe why we are the best in business.





"PIXOTRONICS is a very highly skilled and professional developer. We came to them with a complete product, and they made it into a world-class product.."

Dominik Kratz

CEO of Inzept3D GmbH


"We have been working with PIXOTRONICS for some time now to develop specific GLSL rendering shaders, and they did a fantastic job implementing complex shaders."

Markus Moenig

CEO of BrainDistrict GmbH

Pricing and Access

Latest version of iJewel is now a part of WebGi and WebGi SDK, check the Jewellery Page for more details

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